unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments


Plane landing at sunset

The aerospace industry is constantly evolving as technology makes larger and lighter aircraft possible. With additional technology embedded on aircraft comes a greater demand for bandwidth and reliable interconnection. Cabling forms the central nervous system of the airframe delivering data, power and control across the system regardless of altitude or operating conditions.

Electrical and optical systems are designed to resist mechanical stress, corrosion damage, lightning strike, physical abuse, nuclear, biological, or chemical contamination.

Replacing traditional hydraulics with electrical systems that can deliver long term reliability which will survive not only the environmental conditions but also fluids present in aviation can provide significant weight savings.

Thermoplastic processes can accommodate thermal expansion and contraction during changes in altitude, meaning a termination will never fail on critical systems – whether that’s connectors from a simple cable or a full pressure moulded wiring harness, our fit and forget technology enables the maintenance cycle to be extended lowering through life costs.