unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments

Cable Systems

Our cable systems are designed to support end-to-end interconnection. Be it outboard and inboard or across a complex network topology.

Thermoplastic moulding supports the use of instruments and components in hostile environments which can be linked through reliable harnesses. We can mould cable routing into your harness design to simplify deployment and reduce strain on your cables.

Every cable system we produce is bespoke to its application, so how do we prevent this from being prohibitively expensive?


We draw on over 25 years of technical developments to efficiently manufacture products designed for reliable performance over the long term.


We work with industry’s leading connector manufacturers, selecting the optimal solutions from both their COTS ranges as well as collaborating on customisation. Unwedded to a single manufacturer, we can draw upon the best options for your applications and then integrate them into a sealed system perfectly adapted for where it has to work be it seabed or sky. If you adopt our dual jacket PlastEthUrm sealing we will guarantee the moulding for ten years.


We work closely with our customers, early engineering engagement helps us arrive at fit-for-purpose solutions right – first time, every time. Our fit and forget approach is grounded in a desire to supply long-life products not the economics of repair and replacement. Understanding your priorities, we will work with you to balance economy, efficiency and effectiveness in delivering value for money to your projects.