unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments

Pressure Hull Glands (PHG)

The pressure hull of a submarine is critical to boat integrity and protecting the life of the crew. However, equally critical is having full control of propulsion and navigation systems, continuous capability of weapons systems and the eyes and ears of mast and sonar external to the hull but all controlled from within.  The cable system is the central nervous system of the platform, delivering data and power to and from the extremities of the platform from the command centre.

Pressure hull glands (PHGs) are by far the most reliable hull transitions available. Cables, often multiple cables carrying many services, are amalgamated through a complex moulding to the gland from outboard to inboard. 

Individual cables are sealed and water blocked to prevent cross-hosing and high pressure, high temperature thermoplastic mouldings and manufactured and fastidiously tested to ensure they will withstand the depth and pressure of the ocean for many decades.

SMI hold Capability Approval for the design and manufacture of polyethylene moulded pressure hull glands and any other equipment with a polyethylene moulded sealing mechanism. The only manufacture to hold this approval, SMI re-qualify every three years and have held the approval continuously for 24 years demonstrating retained expertise and expert practice.

SMI PHGs can manage electrical, coaxial and optical conductors from single cables or up to 19 cables through a single small aperture in the boats hull.

All units are continuously tested in production, finally inspected, visually and radiographically and finally pressure tested in our on-site pressure vessels.

See SMI’s Pressure Hull Glands technical resources for more information.