unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments

Engineering Services

With over 25 years of experience of delivering thermoplastic moulding and specialised cable systems to aerospace and defence industries, Scientific Management International is proud to offer competitive fixed price terms for design, development and production.

Always designing for manufacture, mindful of necessary compliance requirements, we are able to deliver high quality solutions that provide value for money as they move into production and the agile business model means that product aspirations can be realised on time and in budget.

The highly skilled engineering team at SMI includes mechanical, electrical, aerospace, polymer and fibre optic specialists. Fast-track development from original customer brief through to the final product is achieved complete with fully documented traceability and configuration control.

State-of-the-art engineering tools, including 3D printing, allow rapid prototyping and the extensive test capabilities support early proof of concept work.

Bespoke test solutions for individual customers and products may include electrical, optical, mechanical and hydrostatic pressure testing. Inspection techniques include non-destructive radiography and tailored solutions can include special-to-type automatic test equipment to manual testing using proprietary instruments.

Engineering Consultancy Services

Engineering ServicesTest Facilities
Electrical Design and IntegrationInsulation Resistance Testing
Mechanical Design and IntegrationContinuity Resistance Testing
Cable DesignNon-Destructive Radiography
Cable Termination DesignHydrostatic Pressure Testing
Cable Harness DesignInsertion Loss Testing
CAD Drawing and STP ModellingOptical Time Domain Reflectomootry
Thermoplastic EncapsulationOptical Fibre Insertion Loss Testing
Thermoplastic MouldingOptical Fibre Return Loss Testing
Optical Fibre ArchitectureCharacteristic Impedance Testing
Ionisation Testing

Apprenticeships at SMI
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