unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments



  • Being responsive and adaptable to internal and external change.
  • Being solution focused and transformational when we need to be.
  • Proactively looking for new or more efficient ways to do things, sharing ideas, innovating.
  • Not being afraid to change the game.


  • Working across boundaries, departments and teams to make the most of the best skills and experience in the business.
  • Recognising each other’s strengths and contribution, being respectful and professional in our interactions.
  • Supporting each other to get the job done.
  • Working closely with our customers and suppliers to deliver the best possible product and service.

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  • Being dynamic and driven to succeed.
  • Being passionate and positive about what we do, our products, our customers and our colleagues.
  • Going the extra mile, being bold and sharing success.

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  • Being reliable and delivering what we say we will.
  • Striving to do the right thing by each other and our customers.
  • Being honest with each other, taking responsibility for what we do and learning from our mistakes.
  • Aspiring to and challenging ourselves to do better in our responsibilities as suppliers, colleagues, customers and citizens.

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