unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments


semi circle of wind turbines at sea
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Wind power is the most significant generator of renewable energy in the UK. The onshore and offshore wind farms produced 20% of all electricity consumed by UK homes and businesses in Q3 2019.

Although the initial investment is high, this renewable energy source produces no carbon emissions and is one of the safest and cleanest methods of generating electricity. The move towards floating wind turbines opens up deployment in deeper waters and increases the potential total capacity for installations. What’s more, by unleashing turbines farther from the shore, it could also see projects become more efficient as wind resources improve. It also sidesteps the objections with regard to the visual impact of turbines visible on the horizon.


Floating wind operations are able to call on the quarter century of subsea expertise that SMI offers in its fit and forget cable systems.

Power and control systems, fibre optic sensors and monitoring; these are all services which require reliable cabling connections.

SMI offer cable systems, wet and deck mate connectors and glands for:

• LV auxiliary power

• MV power at 6.6kV, 11kV and 13.8 kV

• Fibre optic connectors

• Unique MV and Fibre Optic Hybrid Wet Mate