unassailable ‘fit & forget’ pressure moulded cable systems for hostile environments


Professional shot of MGP

A combat, sonar or propulsion system is only as good as the infrastructure connecting it; it has to be robust, reliable and effective if it is to deliver the promises of the finest engineers. For 25 years, Scientific Management International has been deploying the backbone to Commonwealth naval platforms, guaranteeing the performance of critical systems in the most hostile environments. The TelemetriX™ solution builds on the pedigree of reliability and continuous capability approval for pressure hull penetrators and delivers future enabled systems in today’s fleets.

As military capabilities develop, the demand is for increased data rates and higher bandwidth. The TelemetriX™ architecture brings together power, control, high frequency, and optical capabilities to optimise system performance and safeguard essential systems. Surface and submarine fleets integrating TelemetriX™ into their technology can expect long service lives with full operational reliability.

TelemetriX™ was developed for future naval capabilities but is being retrofitted to platforms to enable early deployment of pioneering tactical technologies and to ensure reliability.

See SMI’s TelemetriX technical resources to find out more.